About the company

STEELENAMEL Ltd. produces enamelled cookware and cookware with non-stick coating.

All products meets the requirements GOST: steel enamel cookware — GOST 24788-2001, cookware with non-stick coating — GOST R 52223-2004.

development stage


Produced the first products

OOO Severstal embarked on a project to open production for cookware with an enamel coating. After installing and setting up the equipment, working out of technological process, 30 Sep 1973 were released first products


Open the area enamel powder

With the aim of improving the quality of the used materials in the production operation started production of enamel powder. Because the enamel powder is one of the most important components affecting the quality of the finished product, this event allowed the company to significantly improve consumer properties of the manufactured enamel cookware


Started producing spherical shape

The use of spherical forms in the manufacture of enamel cookware allowed to change the appearance of products and to expand the range of products.


Started producing cookware with stainless steel rim

To protect the edges of the enamel products and as a result increase the lifetime of the cookware during use and improvement of appearance of products in production develop new products - enamel cookware with stainless steel rim.


Started producing cookware with non-stick coating

There is a line for non-stick coating. The equipment allows to apply the coating in several layers, which increases the abrasion resistance.


Started production of plastic fittings

The handles on the lids were replaced with metal on plastic. The new handles do not get hot and allow you to avoid the use of potholder, which was a clear advantage for the hosts


the certificate of conformity ISO 9001:2000

Acting on the plant quality management System was certified. The obtained certificate confirms conformity with international standards and allowed to expand the geography of sales and to find new customers in different countries, including Kadada, USA, Eastern Europe, etc.


Started producing cookware with non-stick coating high quality а «Akzo Nobel»

Line drawing of non-stick coating was licensed Europe's largest manufacturer of high-tech coats. As a result, production was launched of a line of cookware with the most modern and safe coating quality "Akzo Nobel"


separated from the OAO "Severstal" and transformed into an independent legal entity


Started producing conical shape

For a variety of products have been developed new, already the third, form. Conical enameled pots immediately became popular among buyers.


The certificate of conformity to GOST ISO 9001-2001

In connection with the change of ISO standards was obtained a new certificate.


Started production of cookware with glass-ceramics coating TM VITROS

Started production of cookware with glass-ceramic coating. The new production is equipped with modern high-tech equipment of European lines. The products manufactured by this equipment has excellent performance and contemporary appearance.


completed reconstruction of production

для потребителя Completed reconstruction of production facilities, which were completely replaced some of the production sites. The new furnace will allow more economical use of energy, which in turn reduces the production costs. Because for the consumer it is important to not only product quality, but also affordable prices. Taking care of the customers, the factory constantly works on the implementation of programs for energy and resource savings.


Started production of cookware Vitross with ceramic coating

Started production of the pan with FUSION by Whitford, in connection with the growing popularity of ceramic coating among buyers.


Attached plant "Siberian Products" http://www.sibtov.com/

SteelEnamel Ltd. was one of the largest manufacturers of enamelware and the only in Russia manufacturer of steel cookware with non-stick coating. Now the company has joined with former plant Siberian products, and now a branch of Novokuznetsk, SteelEnamel Ltd. It is located in Novokuznetsk production facility that produces glassware under the trademark Siberian Products..